[ REVIEW ] HipStreet HS-M700 Multimedia EReader

Initial Thoughts

Nowadays, value is one the most important factors when shopping for any new gadget.  At a price of $79.99, the new HipStreet HS-M700 multimedia eReader is a multifunctional, budget friendly device.

In terms of overall build quality, the choice of plastic is cheap, but acceptable.  The flat black on the HS-M700 works well with the design and is resistant to finger prints, however the inconsistent feel on the main buttons along the bottom of the device feel poorly quality controlled.

The viewing angle is very limited and the resistive touch screen is slightly non-responsive.

The manufacturer has stated on the box that the unit is capable of “720p HD Output” but the screen resolution is 800×480, which is far from HD, and there is no external output for video, such as HDMI. So, we believe that they are stating the fact that the unit can PLAY HD content, but the wording is very misleading.




Ebook Reader

The primary purpose of the device is advertised, and would have been assumed to be, an eReader. Surprisingly, this is where the HS-M700 falls short.

You have no ability to change the font style, jump from chapter to chapter, or skip to a specific page.  Holding down the “next page” button does not make the pages quickly flip. You have to release the button and press it again, which could get tedious if you are trying to get half way into your 400 page book. To make page navigation worse, the page turns are very slow. There is also no ability to organize books making it a nightmare if you have hundreds of them stored on the devices’ memory.

The default color choice is black text with a white backdrop with the ability to scroll through 5 additional colour schemes.

Video Player

It seems that the HS-M700 should be advertised as a video player first and foremost, with the basic functions of an eReader coming second.  Video playback is very good with excellent color representation, no motion blur, smooth menus, and very quick time seeking. Colour vibrance has room to improve, but the overall video experience is a positive one.

Two speakers at the back of the device provide ample audio but would be better suited at the front.  There are dual headphone jacks providing two users with their own individual headsets.

Music Player

The built in music player has the added benefit of multitasking with other applications during playback.  Output volume is more than enough in a quiet room, however the GUI of the player is very simple with only the most basic playback controls.  There is a built in equalizer, but every EQ preset we tried out sounded worse than the default.

The HS-M700 also comes with a calendar and voice recorder, but again, these features have very basic controls, making them all but useless.

We tested the HS-M700′s battery life using video playback at full brightness and max volume. For such a small, inexpensive device, the results were pretty good.  Playing a sample .avi file on a continuous loop had the battery lasting approximately 4hr : 45min.


Overall the HipStreet HS-M700 is a budget friendly device that’s great for video playback but lacks many of the features and functionality of a comparably priced eReader. If you are looking for a media player, at a price of $79, this device cannot be beat. Although, the purpose this unit is primarily marketed for, the eReader operation is less than impressive.

Rating: 5.5


  • 7 inch TFT (800 x 480) Touch-Screen LCD
  • 4GB Internal Flash Storage
  • Internal Speaker
  • Dual headphone jacks
  • Built in rechargeable battery
  • MicroSD card slot, up to 16GB
  • Video Formats: AVI, MPG, MKV, MOV, RMVB, RM, DAT, FLV VOB, and 3GP
  • Audio Formats: MP3, WMV, WAV, FLAC, APE, AAC, OGG
  • Photo Formats: JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF
  • eBook Formats: PDF, TXT, HTML, EPUB, FB2

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HSM700 Rating
Title: HS-M700 Multimedia eReader
Company: HipStreet
Launch Date: April, 2011
Author: P.Soscia - Progizmo
Check it out on HipStreet


  1. Matthew Schwartz says:

    As an avid reader, I was currently in the market for an eReader… but will stay clear from this one!!! Thanks again for the great review.

  2. Bob Adams says:

    I just bought one from walmart because they said I can return it if I don’t like it.
    I have tried all the possibilities –e-reader , video, audio ( audio books plus Music ) recorder etc.
    Yes it isn’t the best unit you can buy but , for someone new with e -readers etc, and not sure if they would be comfortable reading a book with a electronic device , I think it is an excellent and very reasonably priced for a beginner , because you wouldn’t lose much if you don’t feel comfortable reading with a electronic reader. I liked all the functions , audio is clear , video is excellent for such a cheap unit, Even if it just has one font it ist easy to read and font can be enlarged if need be. As any new electronic device one purchases, there is a learning curve to get used to it . I thought it was easy to learn how to use it and its functions. Yes it got some draw backs , but I think its an excellent media reader for its price , I haven’t found any yet that matches it for functionality for that price . If you are new at using media readers I think its an excellent device to start from .

  3. Superb blog post, I have book marked this internet site so ideally I’ll see much more on this subject in the foreseeable future!

  4. Len Vickers says:

    This thing lasted literally ‘Minutes’ before the screen went totally blank. No way to reset/reboot the thing and no more readable menus. We had to drive an hour back into town to return it. Garbage!!!! Don’t waste your time and money!!!

  5. Grant Fairburn says:

    i had just received one of these units for a father’s day gift. i here what everyone is saying about the ereader i am very diapointed. But for everything else the bang for the buck isn’t that bad. i very happy with the external sound quality and the music ability. the touch screen i have seen and used better but the botton’s are very poor, some of them i feel you have to push 2-3 times with firm pressure. it makes me wonder how long this divice will last before i am looking in the market for a new one. if i get a year or maybe 2 (that might be pushing it) i will be happy. i recommend this unit for parents who want to interduce some newer trend technology to there kids lives because as i mention before the bang for the buck is right.

  6. Zach Lacosse says:

    Heavily disapointed. Returning it tomorrow. I could destroy this by flexing it. The cheap plastic is insanely bad and the basic features are excrutiatingly mundane. Avoid at all costs!

  7. Janet says:

    I have been using this as an e-reader for a few months now, and I think it’s great! I don’t like how pdfs look on it, but epub is perfect. It could use a few other options, like being able to go to a specific page, but it does ask each time, if you wish to continue at page break. That feature i love! ( I don’t always remember to save my page) I also sit this on my desk and watch or listen to avi movies at work. I like the fact that I can turn the brightness down to 1 and read in bed at night without disturbing my husband, and the light is just perfect. The only flaw I have found, is I can’t buy books that are drm protected with this ereader. Other than that, I really like it.

  8. Rick says:

    I was looking at this and would consider it because it is so cheap, even just for a cheap video player. They are currently available FREE at Black’s Photography in Canada if you sign a 3 year contract for a new phone with Telus (including Blackberry’s and iPhones). You also get 1000 free photo prints a year for 3 years… though who would print 1000 pictures a year these days is beyond me. But if you are in the market for new phone… hey! Free media player!

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  10. Dennis says:

    Walmarts in Canada are having a sale this week, and this device will only be $58. I think that’s cheap enough for me to pick one up, albeit it’s bad reviews.

  11. Mice says:

    Toronto Walmart stores have them for $48
    ($54.24 with 13% tax)

    I’m trying it right now.

    • Progizmo says:

      Great! Tell us what you think! It looks like the ones at Walmart right now have been re-designed a little bit. The case looks to be changed and the buttons are moved around, plus the fact that it’s now white. The product code is still the HSM700 though, and there are no new products on the HipStreet website.

      • Mice says:

        I would assume it is the same, but re-colored model.

        I really can’t complain much because I paid only $54 w/ tax for it.
        Well okay, maybe I can complain about the crappy touchscreen… and the stuttering when playing video (audio is fine though).

        To be honest I was planning on selling it on eBay, but right now I guess I’m just gonna use it. So far I’ve tried playing .avi movies on it (which stutters sometimes – but still plays okay). Also tried .mp3 songs, and no problem there. Tried the picture viewer – it does an okay job of presenting a slideshow. I had trouble playing .gif pictures (you can’t zoom in).

        I’m currently trying .pdf novels on it as well. Font is okay, backlighting is strong – but I have yet to try it in full sunlight. Bookmarking may be an issue. You have to manually set bookmarks, otherwise you have to start over.

        And once again, biggest gripe is the touchscreen. You have to tap multiple times, or very hard to get an option to work.

        Other build quality points aren’t an issue, although we probably could use a bigger touchscreen pen. And I really, REALLY wished it had wi-fi capability.

        I think the closest I’ve seen to this thing is a gentouch78 for $89.99 at Factorydirect.ca – but this one has wi-fi and runs on android.

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